For average persons seeking lifelong health & fitness goals. Let’s use fitness to help combat the effects of ageing, disease, obesity & restore a healthy you.

I am a qualified nurse and have been working on the front line of the health care service for over four years now. I have always had a love for sport. Over the years of my career I have noticed what the general population lack is a balanced healthy lifestyle. I want to promote this to help reduce disease, fight obesity and slow down the effects of aging, as all of which can create a problematic future.

I am currently finishing my level three personal training course. I will then move on to a course which will mean I can also take on GP referrals.

In my opinion the term ‘fit’ has changed dramatically these past few years due to the abundance of social media. It promotes unrealistic, unsustainable aesthetic goals and ‘diet’ advice to the general population. I want to bring us back to basics and redefine fitness. Easy, simple techniques and changes added to your daily life to help provide you with a better, healthier future.

After all, who doesn’t want to be able to put their own shoes on when they are 80. None of us are going to get any younger. So let’s start working on our future selves now.

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